Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need Facebook or Twitter to create an account?
Yes, you may use your Facebook or Twitter for faster account creation. Peekawoo will never post anything on your Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts.
How do I find a match on Peekawoo?
Once you have completed your profile and preferred gender and age group to meet, you may go to the Meet page and start answering questions from other users. It's a match when you get 3 out of 5 questions correctly.
Why am I unable to access the Meet page?
To access the Meet page, please make sure you have entered your birthday, gender and email address on your Profile. Also, make sure you have selected your preferred gender and age group to meet under Profile>Preferences.
What are the questionnaires for?
We match users based on their preferences. For example, you're looking for someone who's athletic, adventurous and loves music, therefore you'll input:

Question 1:
Are you athletic?
Not athletic

Question 2:
Are you musically inclined?
Not musically inclined, but I love listening to music

Question 3:
Do you love to travel?
Don't love to travel

Question 4:
Have you tried hiking?
Never tried hiking

Question 5:
Do you go to the gym?
Doesn't go to the gym

afterwhich, choose your preferred answers and then save your questions.
...but I can't think of any questions at the moment
No worries, you can use our auto-generated questionnaires by sliding on to the question field to the right.
I got a new match notification, but that person didn't appear on my Latest Match list
It seems you were blocked by that person. The same happens when someone messaged you, and their name and messaged disappeared on the chat page.
I am not getting any new match notification
It might be because you haven't filled out your questionnaire yet. You can create your questionnaire under Profile>Questions.
How do I change my Peekawoo profile picture?
For now you can only change your profile picture by changing your Facebook or Twitter account's profile picture, and then re-login on Peekawoo app. We encourage you to choose a clear picture of yourself. In near future update, users who logged in using Facebook will be able to choose a profile picture from their albums.
Can I send an image on chat?
This feature will come very soon.
Can I view their profile?
This feature will come very soon.
How do I deactivate my account?
Open the menu bar and tap on the Settings icon located at the bottom and hit "Deactivate Account". Deactivating your account won't delete everything, but your matches won't be able to see you and message you. You may still login using the same Facebook or Twitter account any time. Deleting the app doesn't delete your account. For now, to permanently delete your account, kindly email us at The 'Delete Account' button will come soon.

If you're unable to find your questions here, email us at

Note: Peekawoo only supports iOS7.1+